Excess Baggage

I love to holiday, who doesn’t right?

When I was 25 I backpacked around the world, and I was then a size 24, and never really had an issue with travelling, flying or the such apart from being a bit uncomfortable, but then I guessed that pretty much anyone of any size is uncomfortable in an airline seat.

I recently took a holiday with my gal pals to Portugal, so it was low cost airlines both there and back, and we all know that this means even more cramped up seating.

Let me firstly say that I have a little claustrophobia issue, and I always always need to book either the aisle seat or the window at a push.  People often say, how can the window be ok; the answer; I can see out the window with all that space, it just means that initially I have to keep looking out that window…anyway I digress……….

Having said all this the thing I fear the most is other peoples comments and looks of disdain.  As we had all booked flights separately, I was travelling out sitting on my own from the group. I had an aisle seat, so I got up to let an older couple into the seats next to me (approx. 55 I would estimate) as they took their seats, the woman, looked me up and down and tutted and turned to her husband and said, are you sure you are going to be ok sitting there, its not really fair sitting next to ‘that’!  He brushed it off and said it was fine. I felt so embarrassed to even be there and felt I needed to apologise for merely existing.

This is not the first time that I have been the subject to such comments on a plane, and to be honest I thought with an older clientele on the plane, that I wouldn’t have to on this occasion…..I thought wrong.

Let me be truthful here throughout the flight the man next to me read his broadsheet newspaper, took up both armrests, and yet I was the one that was in the way, according to his wife!!

Safe to say I couldn’t wait to get off that flight, and then spent the next 3 days dreading the flight back.  Luckily, in some ways, I had been allocated a middle seat on the way back which I could never contemplate sitting in due to the claustrophobia issue first and formost…but considering the flight out it was an added worry, and so I was very very lucky in the fact that I could swap with one of the other girls in our group so I could travel home free of being made to feel like a worthless human being!!



Miss Plus Size International

Part of the reason for me starting this blog is to blog about something that I am competing in this year.

I am a finalist in the Miss Plus Size International 2015.  For those that may not know this is a plus size beauty pageant, and is open to women of any age a size 18 or higher.

I am a UK size 26 and am at the larger end of the spectrum of the entrants in this years pageant.  There are 26 of us in the finals, all of various sizes, ages and locations.

The best thing about this pageant so far, is meeting a wide range of women, from all over the country, who all have a similar outlook in life, and also have been through some of the similar emotions that in life I have gone through myself.

For some, including myself this pageant is pushing me outside of my comfort zone, and that is something I have always relished doing in my professional life, but not so much in my personal life, so this is it!!!  I will be blogging bout my journey through this competition amongst other things.